Itinerary in Vernacular Basque Architecture. Similarities with the Constructive Sicilian Tradition
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The analysis and the knowledge of ancient techniques and traditional materials and of thearchitectural elements functional and formal meaning that constitute the built environment " words",it furnishes useful references to recover, in the constructive activity evolution, the functional andaesthetical meaning of the building organisms diffused in the Basque country and Sicilian countryand of their attitude to constitute integral part of the environmental system. The two experiencescompared - Sicilian and Basque - show how two regions of different cultures and traditions and withdifferent economic developments, the basic needs of living would lead to ways to build simple, withsimple solutions based on the use of local materials and technological solutions that are part of atradition handed down over the centuries and consolidated.Through a real cases repertoire, it is possible to analyse aggregative and funcional typology of storictissue in the variants conditioned by positions, alignments, locations. The study was extended to thedeepening on those materials and building techniques, that connote the constitutive elements of localhistorical building, like masonries, floors, vaults, roofs, overhangs, frames, inner and external paving,plaster, ect. The knowledge and analysis phases, in relationships among different aspects andelements, could be translated in building rules that don’t depress, or better set the qualitative levels oftraditional architecture. The traditional architectural heritage recognition has been very hearty formany years both in national and international fields, as an important evidence of a “well-way tobuild” based on characteristics of origin country, on material and building culture, on usages andcustoms. Buildings in Basque Area and in Sicilian area are statically reliable and well-realized becauseof the wise local resources use: limestone and bricks, wood joined with plaster or marsh-reeds as wellas stone and iron.
pagine: 103-109
ISBN: 10.4399/97888548778569
data pubblicazione: Gennaio 2000
marchio editoriale: -
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