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International Journal of Architecture and Engineering

Confluences of two worlds in Peter Celsing’s architecture
The last two completed works by Peter Celsing are the most intimate and show the duality betweentwo realities: the outer, which stands solid, monumental, cold and distant; and the inner that seemsoverlapped, detailed, exotic and full of references. The outer would reflect certain values of Westernarchitecture, combined with others from the East. This dichotomy was interpreted -distorted- by somecritics as previous to Postmodernism, if we understand this movement focused on the formal, on thestylistic. However, the West-East contrast in Celsing is due to other substantive issues. Therefore, tounderstand the true sense of duality between the Western and the Eastern at the end of his work, wehave to take a closer look at his education and his career.
pagine: 71-82
DOI: 10.4399/97888548991797
data pubblicazione: Dicembre 2016
editore: Aracne