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Rivista di scienze dell’informazione (Numero speciale)

OPI: Ontologia dei Prodotti Italiani con denominazione DOP, IGP, STG
The paper describes the research efforts carried out for the implementation of OPI, the Ontology of Italian Protected names. The attempt has been made to provide a resource— on the fifth level of the deployment scheme for Open Data—for the ontological representation of the protected names domain with focus on the normative dimensionwhich regulates the designation of European quality logos. The initial section frames theprotected names domain, while a state of the art description of ontologies and databaseon the same domain is described throughout the second part. Third chapter comes withthe complete description of classes and properties modelling opi, plus a consistency testand description logic queries submitted to the ontology. The fourth and final section gives account of both necessary and possible future activities to ameliorate the resource.
pagine: 205-222
DOI: 10.4399/978882552163411
data pubblicazione: Settembre 2018
editore: Aracne