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Aspettualità / Aspectuality

Hacia una topología aspectual de sucesos
In this paper, I propose to interweave narrativity and aspectuality by focusing on the internal temporality of narrated events. From a phaneroscopical point of view, I construct an aspectual characterization of the notion of event, visualizing the content of what is narrated as a semiotic process of morphologies in becoming. Conceived as a process of morphological semiosis, narrativity involves a schematic and analogic visualization of the flux of narrated events in a situational space. This dynamic of events in becoming is in consonance with a process of aspectual generation of a Peircean character. In it, we go from the one to the multiple—from a germ space to an aspectual topological space — through a constructive process bound to a set of regularities. In accordance with this proposal, every time we have a pair of narrative trajectories that aspectually unfold in our situational space and that converge on the appearance of a single event, we can infer the existence of their corresponding narrative schemas. These schematic entities will make up a synthesis process that will behave, relationally, as a structure of actantial character, an actantiality of events. From a morphodynamical point of view, we will show that this actantial knot can be viewed as a cusp catastrophe. In addition, we will exhibit that this conceptualization coincides with the semiotic paradigm proposed by René Thom.
pagine: 181-207
DOI: 10.4399/97888255087658
data pubblicazione: Giugno 2017
editore: Aracne