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Aspettualità / Aspectuality

L’aspectualisation en sémiotique. Histoires et perspectives
In this paper, we revisit four papers on aspectualization in semioticsthat were published in the decade of 1990, period in which therewas robust discussion on the theme in conferences and studies. Therevisited texts are the following:— Deux questions sur l’aspectualisation des blocs, published in Lediscours aspectualisé, edited by Jacques Fontanille, in 1991;— Procedimentos de construção do texto falado: aspectualização,appeared in the journal Língua e Literatura -USP, in 1995;— Aspecto linguístico e aspectualização discursiva, published in Atasdo I Congresso Internacional da Associação Brasileira de Linguística,in 1996;— Aspectualisation des discours oraux, published in the journalLINX, in 1998.The first paper was presented at the Linguistique et sémiotiquecolloquium, which happened in February 1989, in Limoges, organizedby Jaques Fontanille. The foreword of the book was written by Greimasand Fontanille, and it is relevant to the history of aspectualization insemiotics, and it points to several directions of research. Based on thesestudies, we revisit, 20 years later and within the current framework ofsemiotics, the matters presented in those papers in order to verify theirinterest and productivity today. The main aspects about aspectualizationexamined in this paper are:a) Linguistic aspect, discursive aspect and procedures for aspectualization;aspectualization of the actor.b) Meaningfulness and aspectualization; instances of aspectualizationin texts.c) Aspectualization and axiology.We were able to arrive at the conclusion that, in measuring, quantifyingand delimiting time, space and actors, aspectualization also allosthem to be evaluated from the aesthetic point of view. And, what is more,that aspectualization plays a role in the comprehension of discourses andin the behavior and organization of societies. Greimas and Fontanillesay by way of concluding their Avant-propos that aspectualization, increating the perfective and the imperfective, runs, in a way, betweenperfection and imperfection.
pagine: 87-105
DOI: 10.4399/97888255087654
data pubblicazione: Giugno 2017
editore: Aracne