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Gülşehir, 10/12/1982
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Philology
Hakan Yalap Aracne editrice

Hakan Yalap works as Dr. at the University of Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli, Faculty of Education. His scientific area is turkish language and literaute but he also researches in classical turkish literature, sufism, philosophy, sufism history, mesnevi commentary, poetry analysis, poetica, ottoman language and manuscript.
He is author of many articles in scientific papers in the field of philology. Dr. Hakan Yalap also works at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology as a distinguished visiting prof. He has been editor of «The Journal of International Civilization Studies» since 2016. He was been many international scientific conferences from different country and he has been vice-chair of the International Symposium on Silk Road Academ,c Studies since 2017.
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