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Penne, 19/10/1984
Sapienza Università di Roma
Dipartimento di Chimica
Azzurra Stefanucci Aracne editrice

Azzurra Stefanucci obtained the degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies at the University “G. D’Annunzio” of Chieti–Pescara (Italy) in 2008 and in 2012, she received her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the same University working on the design and synthesis of structural analogues of peptides, amino acids and compounds ofpharmaceutical interest from natural sources. During her Ph.D. studies, she joined the group of Prof. J.S. Nowick at the University of California–Irvine as junior scientist working on the synthesis and characterization of b–sheet ARCrepressoranalogues. Currently, she continues working on the synthesis of peptides of therapeutic interest and natural bioactive compounds at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome as Post-Doc.
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