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Francesca Maria PISANO
Stati Uniti D'america, 05/06/1976

Cira - Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali
Francesca Maria Pisano Aracne editrice

Pisano Francesca Maria, Ph. D. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, is a Project Engineer, a System Engineer and an Application Researcher at C.I.R.A. – Italian Aerospace Research Centre since 2013. She has been carrying out research activities related to Real-Time System and SW Engineering, Big Data Management & Analytics, Decision Support Systems within Aerospace, Environment and Safety domains. She participated to national research projects, gaining valuable expertise in Model-based System and SW engineering methodologies such as ILogix Harmony process and COMET method, in Real-time Avionics Systems Architectural Design, in Big Data Systems and Data Warehousing & Data Mining Systems Object-Oriented Analysis & Design using SysML and UML modeling languages. She held university seminars and is co-author of more of 10 papers at scientific conferences and national journals. She was external tutor for undergraduate thesis and internships.
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