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Taranto, 15/12/1972
Università degli Studi di Bari “Aldo Moro”
Dipartimento di Pratiche Linguistiche e Analisi di Testi
Stefano Carlucci Aracne editrice

Stefano Carlucci holds a Ph.D.in “Theory of Language and Sciences of Signs” (University of Bari, April); he currently lectures in semiotics at the University of Bari.His research focuses on the semiotics of theatre through the analysis of its two main components: physical materialization on the one hand(buildings and sites chosen to contain the dramatic events),and the human component on the other.The core of this interest towards theatre originated in the period (1999)he spent in Vicenza directing the touristic management of the Olympic Theatre,the last building conceived by Andrea Palladio in 1579.He also collaborates with the Department of Mechanics at Polytechnic of Milan,in a research project centred on the disclosure of the possible points of contact between forensic engineering and semiotics.
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