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Thessaloniki, 19/06/1963
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Dipartimento di Lingua e Letteratura Italiana
Anastassia Christodoulou Aracne editrice

Anastasia Christodoulou was born in Thessaloniki in 1963. She is a graduate of theDepartment of Italian Language and Literature (1994), holds a master's degree in LanguageDidactics (1997) and a doctorate in the Sciences and Technologies of Language andCommunication from the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme of the AristotleUniversity of Thessaloniki (AUTH) (1998-2002). She teaches in the university’s ItalianLanguage Department as Assosiate Professor with tenure in the field of Semiotics.She has taught Semiotics and Culture at the undergraduate level at AUTH’s Department ofItalian Language and Literature. At postgraduate level, she has taught in the Italian Languageand Culture Programme offered by AUTH’s Department of Italian Language and Literature inthe Translation and Interpreting Programme offered by AUTH’s InterdepartmentalPostgraduate Programme, in the Cultural Management Programme at the Hellenic OpenUniversity (HOU) as tutor in the module 'Management of cultural phenomena’, and in theprogramme titled ’Cultural Studies: Semiotic Structures and Practices’, offered by theDepartment of Early Childhood Education of the University of Western Macedonia. She hasalso participated in courses and seminars at universities abroad, in adult education centresas a certified instructor, in the museum education programmes run by the MacedonianMuseum of Contemporary Art and has been invited to give talks at various conferences.She has served as Vice President and President of the Grading Centre for Special Subjects,Thessaloniki, Ministry of Education, has been a member of the National AcademicRecognition Information Centre for the Italian Language, has been selected by the Ministryof Education as a foreign language expert for the 'New School', is registered as an evaluatorwith the committees for teacher evaluation and certification, and is also registered as aCertified Instructor in Adult Education, with the Education Ministry’s National Organisationfor the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance. She is also a member ofAUTH’s Committee on Cultural Policy, a spokesperson in the Senate, and a member ofcommittees of AUTH’s Italian Department. She was a member of scientific andorganisational conference committees and has participated in 12 subsidized researchprojects.
Her books and papers and her research interests focus on issues pertaining to semiotic textand image analysis, mainly in the field of education (textbooks, visual literacy, educationallaws) and in the broader social sphere (advertising, values education, attainable luxury). Shehas published three books independently and one translation in collaboration. She has fortyonepublished papers in scientific journals, conference proceedings and edited volumes, andhas participated in the writing of research packages. She has extended her field of intereststo other social spheres as well, writing for a book published by the Macedonian Museum ofContemporary Art, the Art Catalogue entitled A-PROSOPA / A-LITHI (Personal-Impersonal /Truth-Oblivion), and the journal Enimerosi of the Panhellenic Federation of Language SchoolOwners; participating in the HOU’s updating of teaching material, and producing materialrelating to values and education for use in Educational Training Programmes.
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