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Xiaoming CHEN
Beijing Foreign Studies University
Department of Chinese Language Studies
Xiaoming Chen Aracne editrice

Xiaoming Chen (1959), born in Fujian Province of China, professor, and the dean of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Peking University. Also Cheung Kong Scholar Distinguished Professor of Ministry of Education of P.R. China, Vice President of the Chinese Contemporary Literature Research Association, and Vice President of the Association of Literary Theory in China. Research fields include modern Chinese literature and postmodern literary theory. Monographs include The Endless Challenges: Postmodernity of Chinese Avant–garde Literature, The Deconstruction of Traces: Discourse, History and Subjects, Anxiety of Expressions: Historical Disenchantment and Contemporary Literary Change, The Main Trends of Chinese Contemporary Literature, Derrida’s Bottom Line: The Essence of Deconstruction and the Arrival of New Humanist Literature, Watching the Remaining Literary Nature, The Door of AllWonders: Reconstructing the Criticism of Text Reading, Endless Modernity: The Contemporary Situation of Chinese Literature, and so on. His works have been awarded as Outstanding Achievement Award of Colleges and Universities’ Science Research from the Ministry of Education, Chinese Media Literature Award, Outstanding Achievement Award of Chinese Contemporary Literature Research Association, Theory Review Award of Lu Xun Literature Award, Outstanding Achievement Award of Philosophy and Social Science of Beijing, Chinese Contemporary Literary Critic Award, and so on.
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