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Kui–ying ZHAO
Nanjing Normal University
Kui–ying Zhao Aracne editrice

Kui–ying Zhao is Professor and Deputy Dean at the School of Arts, Nanjing University. She is Council Member of the China Association for the Sino–Foreign Literary & Arts Theory, the China Association of Ecolinguistics, and an executive council member of the China Association of Cognitive Poetics. Her main research interests include art theory, semiotics of arts, western aesthetics, linguistics and poetics, ecolinguistics and ecological literary and cultural studies. She has published monographs on Chaotic Order (2003), Comparative Study on Basic Topics of Chinese and Western Linguistic Poetics (2009), Ecological View of Language and the Construction of Linguistic Philosophical Foundation of Ecopoetics and Ecoaesthetics (2017), Language, Space and Arts (2018). She is currently in charge of a key project of the national social science fund, entitled “The Contemporary Construction of Art Semiotics”.
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