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Shanghai Jiaotong University
Lei Han Aracne editrice

Lei Han is Assistant Professor of Studies of Literary Theory at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, School of Humanities, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China, and special research fellow at the Institute of Semiotics & Media Studies, Sichuan Univeristy, China. She has been visiting professor at Charles University at Prague in 2017. She has published dozens of papers on semiotics, literary studies, and translation studies; among these Juri Lotman’s Autocommunication Model and Roland Barthes’s Representations of Self and Other («Sign Systems Studies», 2014). In 2019, her single–authored book Lun luolan ba’erte: yige huayu fuhaoxue de kaocha [ 论巴尔特:一个话语符号学的考察 ] (On Roland Barthes: An Exploration of Semiology of Discourse) was published by Sichuan University Press. Her recent research interests include semiotics, contemporary French literary theories, and classic poetics.
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