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Liyuan ZHU
Fudan University
Liyuan Zhu Aracne editrice

ZHU Liyuan, male, born in 1945, Master of Arts, Fudan University, a senior Professor of Fudan University in liberal arts, doctoral tutor. He was Chair of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature in Fudan University (1994-1997), Dean of the School of International Cultural Exchanges ( 1997-2004) and in January 1997 by the national Ministry of personnel awarded the title of Outstanding Mid-Aged Expert. He was member of fifth and sixth Committee of Social Science in Chinese disciplines. Academic Employment: vice-chairman of Chinese Society for Aesthetics ; vice-chairman of Chinese Association for the Chinese and foreign literary theory ; vice-chairman of Chinese society of literary and artistic theory; president of Shanghai aesthetic society. Majoring in literary theory and aesthetics. He published 18 works such as The Introduction to Hegel’s Aesthetics, The Introductory Theory to Reception Aesthetics, The perception to Reality, To Unveil the Enigma of History and Aesthetic, Between Speech and Meaning: The View of Language in Pre-Qin Era, The Perception to Aesthetics, Aesthetics and Practice, On the Way to Practice Ontology Aesthetics, etc. Editor-in-chief of several monographs like Unity of Man and Nature: The Spirit of Aesthetic Culture in Ancient China, Western Aesthetics History (seven-volume), History of Western Aesthetic Category (three-volume), Discussion of Literary Theory Tendency of Postmodernism (the first and second book) , etc. And also published some textbooks named Contemporary Western Literary Theory, Aesthetics, History of Western Aesthetics, etc. His three kinds of translations include A Map Of Misreading, etc. And has published more than 300 thesis, won 18 national or provincial prizes. The English edition of the book Contemporary Chinese Aesthetics, co-authored by American scholar J. Block, which was published in America by Peter Lang Publishing in 1995, is the first famous work to introduce Chinese contemporary aesthetics to western countries.
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