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Xiaoming WU
Fudan University
Xiaoming Wu Aracne editrice

WU Xiaoming (born 1957) is a Chinese philosopher. He is a professor of philosophy at Fudan University and one of the Yangtze River Scholar Award winners. Since the 1980s, he has been a central figure in Marxist philosophy, German Idealism, philosophical hermeneutics and philosophy of history. He has made influential and original contributions to Marxian materialism, referring mainly to Marx’s critique of Hegel in his 1844 Manuscripts, Heidegger and Gadamer’s critique of Platonism or the tradition of Western metaphysics, and various strands of Chinese thought. Another of Wu’s major achievements is a careful study of the development Marx’s early thought with particular emphasis on the ways it differed from his contemporary thinkers, especially the Young Hegelians. Wu is also a leading scholar in formulating a Marxian sociopolitical philosophy centered on the concept of social reality or, in Marx’s own terms, das reale Subjekt. In this light, he not only criticizes both liberal visions of the transformation of Chinese society, i.e., of the rise of bourgeois society in China, and Romantic or cultural-conservative ideologies favoring premodern social formations, but also conceives of the contemporary development of China, with its conscientious and creative assimilation of the Chinese and Western traditions, as capable of offering a new type of civilization that may help open a way out of the current global predicament.
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