The book, Mission Makes the Church , is the fruit of the General Assembly of the Pontifical Missionary Union (PMU) held on 31 October 2016 in Rome on the occasion of the centenary anniversary of the foundation of the same Union, 1916 - October 31 - 2016.
Five authors have contributed to the Assembly.
Agnes de Dreuzy, as a historian, evaluates how the Missionary Union of the Clergy was founded by the Blessed Fr. Paolo Manna (1872-1952) in 1916, which was approved by Pope Benedict XV and was made Pontifical by Pope Pius XII in 1956. This period has seen the new orientation given to the theology of mission, by making it more universal in outlook and prepared the concept that the Church is missionary by nature, articulated in Ad Gentes of the Second Vatican Council. The author also recalls how the post-Vatican reflections and encyclicals by different Popes have been influenced by the experience and wisdom of the PMU. [...]

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