Painful Verses
Bible, Gospel and Quran between conflict and dialogue
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Area 15 – Scienze teologico-religiose
In 2007, a Rabbi, an Imam and a Priest sat down to discuss religion and the sacred texts that form the basis for these three great religions. They did not want to take what could have been the expected direction of defending their sacred texts in the face of the other, nor did they desire to gloss over the differences in the interest of protecting sensibilities. Rather, they took a more difficult and arguably, a far more courageous decision to each look deep into their own sacred scriptures and ask what in these of most holy of texts is difficult to look at, what is most sensitive, what offends, what angers and what is painful to read. Could these sensitive and difficult passages be explained to the other? Painful Verses, is the result of their discussions and work. It is an unusual book that aims to move interfaith dialogue beyond polite meetings that do everything but discuss the difficult and painful issues that so often lead to mistrust, anger and even war. The book marked a radical new approach to interfaith dialogue. While religious leaders have been meeting together for decades, recently there has been a greater awareness that even more work together is needed if we are to foster better and deeper mutual understandings. This book is not a dialogue between institutions. It is the work of three believers, of Judaism, of Christianity and of Islam that have had the courage to challenge their own painful verses, in their own sacred texts, offering hopefully a more open and more respectful reading of such passages. Perhaps true dialogue evolves from true understanding and true courage to look at what is painful. In 2008, when the book was first published in French, Rabbi Meyer said he hoped the book would be translated into other languages, to help foster dialogue to an even greater audience. «It's important to get beyond the French-speaking world». This is now done.
pagine: 216
formato: 14 x 21
ISBN: 978-88-548-7648-4
data pubblicazione: Ottobre 2015
editore: Aracne
collana: Caminantes | 2
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