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International Journal of Architecture and Engineering

Pier Luigi Nervi: Changing the point of view
The work of Pier Luigi Nervi, as project designer in the fifties in the city of Taormina whichundertook significant public works, is not limited to the design of the new sports facility, intended asboth a football and athletics stadium, but also concerns the design of an “outdoor pool" intendedmainly to expand the availability of sports and leisure facilities for the many tourists who hadalready, in the fifties, begun again to choose Taormina as an important tourist destination in Sicily.While the first project was designed in the area of the old football field, on the north side of the city, inthe Messina direction, the area chosen for the "restaurant" was located on the south side of the city: anatural ridge on a strong slope overlooking the bay and Naxos beach from where the low line of thecoast to the top of Mount Etna and Catania emerging through its massive slopes can be suitablyadmired.In particular, the area for the pool had been identified in the grounds of the town park in the valley ofthe tennis courts in Via Bagnoli Croce. The intention was to link the tennis courts with this newfacility to build a small sports centre, open to all, with the same characteristics, with regard to theviews and exposure, with the most exclusive hotels on this side of city.The design process of the outdoor pool was almost in parallel with the stadium project. An earlysolution was in fact drawn up in 1955, when Nervi was already deeply involved with the sportsstadium on the ridge north of Taormina and remained as a rough draft of which only two copiesremain. A second project, dated September 1957, that today we could define the final project, and athird project in April of 1958 with some variations on the second came up with a detailed study andsome executive plans.. The concern of building on such inaccessible land , the difficulty of finding thenecessary funding and above all the fear of starting a project that could hardly have respecteddeadlines prompted the mayor of the time prof. Eugenio Longo, who took over from mayor MarioGaripoli promoter in the early fifties of other Nervi projects, to block the execution.
pagine: 19-24
DOI: 10.4399/97888548991623
data pubblicazione: Dicembre 2016
editore: Aracne