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Patrimonio Turismo Gentrificación

Arquitectura de mercado. Historia, transformaciones y contemporaneidad
The market is certainly the oldest form for the exchange of goods. Since ancient times this activity has been based in streets and squares, often temporary places for the holding of fairs and economic bargaining between sellers and consumers. The first traditions of the stable market are already found during the Roman Empire and were then handed down in the following centuries. However, we must reach the 19th century to meet within the cities the creation of large covered squares intended to accommodate permanent markets. The evolution of the market is closely linked to the traditions of the communities of reference and therefore it is not possible to decipher in a unique way the evolution of this function that has always characterized any historical epoch. It is interesting, however, to note how the concept of exchange has been the basis of human relations since the earlier ages. This contribution aims to analyze the architectural evolution of the market up to its contemporary configuration that sees commercial operations carried out also through virtual markets.
pagine: 19-46
DOI: 10.4399/97888255307592
data pubblicazione: Maggio 2020
editore: Aracne