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Filosofia della cultura e culture del digitale

Cultura e patrimonio culturale dello spazio. Culture and Cultural Heritage of the space
The Humanities and social disciplines are constantly animated by epistemological and methodological pluralism and differ in criteria, targets and methods of research. These disciplines are born in the world of ancient Greece. However, it is interesting to observe how, in the historical development of knowledge, the Humanities have worked on the resolution of problems related to knowledge, to guidelines of research and to definition of methodologies for qualitative and quantitative evaluation. Certainly the Italian Renaissance has marked a very important phase because in this epoch the human sciences were considered fundamental and of support to the development of the science still in empirical phase. Even all the scientific evolutions that we can record in the different historical eras have availing themselves of the contribution of the humanities. The scientist has always been a great humanist. After decades of disciplinary perimeters, we finally go back to thinking about the dialogue between Science and Humanities. This paper aims to open a new research perspective that finds interesting feedback in the world of astronomy and then beyond the Earth, where science, philosophy, history, art, theology help to trace new paths of study and pursuing new, important knowledge for the future of humanity.
pagine: 84-89
DOI: 10.4399/978882552531110
data pubblicazione: Giugno 2019
editore: Aracne