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Aspettualità / Aspectuality

Occhio, mente, scrittura. Appunti per uno studio dell’aspettualità spaziale in Calvino
The present essay proposes a new approach to Italo Calvino’s works, an approach based on the hypothesis of an “aspectual re– reading” of the whole poetics of the author. According to Greimassian semiotics, the study of narrative aspectualisation explores also the spatial forms of modulation. Calvino seems to be interested in understanding the process of spatial representation in texts, and focuses on this process in many novels and tales. Therein, the observer actant plays always a central role. In particular, the present essay suggests to consider how the observer actant operates on spatial representation, thus defining both its view and its knowledge. The author’s poetics seems to underline the presence of a difficult view and a parallel difficoult knowledge. There are two ways to pass the hedge of a subjective and partial view/knowledge: the observer either imitates the bird’s point of view, or it stops and reflects on its own activity. Calvino does not remove this opacity but plays with it; he uses aspectuality so as to explore textual and semiotic mechanisms, writing on his personal definition of space, point of view, representation, and interpretation.
pagine: 297-314
DOI: 10.4399/978882550876514
data pubblicazione: Giugno 2017
editore: Aracne