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Kindai University
Faculty of Literature, Arts and Cultural Studies
Akemi Yoshida Aracne editrice

Akemi Yoshida studied English Literature at the University of Tokyo (M.A.) and the University of Sussex (M.A.). She wasEnglish Tutor at Kitasato University and Nagoya Institute of Technology and is now Associate Professor at Kindai University, Japan. Her recent academic interest is in the representation of music and musically talented characters in the late Victorian novel. Among her publications: Is Evelyn Innes (1898) a Literary Daughter of George Sand’s Consuelo (1843)?”, in George Moore’s Paris and his Ongoing French Connections (Peter Lang, 2015), and Stanley Makower’s Contribution to the ‘Woman Composer Question’: A Reading of The Mirror of Music (1895), «New Directions», 33 (2015).
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