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Katherine E. HOFFMAN
Northwestern University
Department of Anthropology
Katherine E. Hoffman Aracne editrice

Katherine E. Hoffman is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Northwestern University and has worked for twenty years among Amazigh (Berber) populations in North Africa. She is the author of the ethnography We ShareWalls: Language, Land, and Gender in Berber Morocco (Blackwell–Wiley 2008) and co–editor (with Susan Gilson Miller) of the interdisciplinary volume Berbers and Others: Beyond Tribe and Nation in the Maghrib (Indiana University Press 2010). Hoffman’s current book projects include Revolution’s Refugees: Libyan Berbers, Tunisian Hosts, and the Borders of Nation and Gender, from which the present article is taken, and the archival and oral history project Mirror of the Soul: Custom, Islam, and Legal Transformation under the French Protectorate of Morocco (1912–1956).
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