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Padova, 12/08/1958
The University of New South Wales
Faculty of Built Environment
Paola Favaro Aracne editrice

Paola is interested in the Australian and International architectural history and urban history and their integration in the design of the built environment. She is currently studying and questioning the role of both architecture and urban design in solving design problems related to the contemporary 21st century.
Her work examines the architecture and urban design paradigms of the 1950s CIAM and their legacy; urban morphology and urban typology; concrete urban architecture from the 1960s.
She is currently studying how cities like Sydney may benefit in their future development from reconsidering historical discourses on architecture and urbanism, and from an appreciation of their urban morphology. This involves investigating the kind of patterns, and relationships between built forms, streets and spaces that emerge from the morphological and typological study of the city before and after the 1950s.
Member of the BE Urban Typologies Research Cluster
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