Andrea VALLE
Università di Torino
Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici
Andrea Valle Aracne editrice

Andrea Valle ( is Rearcher at the DAMS (Department of Fine Arts, Music, and Performative Arts) of the University of Torino, where he teaches Theory of Audiovision and Computer Music at the School of Multimedia. He earned a degree in Sciences of Communications at the University of Torino and a PhD in Semiotics at the~University of Bologna. He was Lagrange Fellow at the Fondazione ISI (Torino). He has studied musical composition with Alessandro Ruo Rui, Azio Corghi, Marco Stroppa, and Trevor Wishart. He is a founding member of CIRMA (Inter–departmental Centre for Multimedia and Audiovisual) of the University of Torino. He participated in the EU–funded project VEP, which reconstructed in Virtual Reality the "Poème électronique" by Le Corbusier, Varèse, and Xenakis. He has been associated to the EU–funded action SID (Sonic Interaction Design, (www.cost– He is a member of the Italian Semiotic Association (AISS) and of the Board of the Italian Music Informatics Association (AIMI). He has published in many international publications dedicated to multimedia, computer music, and semiotics.
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