Cassino, 01/12/1987

Andrea Iervolino Aracne editrice

Andrea Iervolino, 29 years old, awarded as Best Producer at 71^ Venice Film Festival, together with Al Pacino and Barry Levinson.He was named filmmaker of the year for his roles as producer of In Dubious Battle at Capri Hollywood Film Festival 2016.In 2015 he becomes “Ambassador of Italian Cinema in the world” and “Best Italian Businessman of the world”. He received many other awards during his successful career.He was named one of Variety’s 2015 Dealmakers.In 2016 he awarded at ICFF – Italian Contemporary Film Festival as Best Producer and businessman.Andrea Iervolino, who has been a producer since the age of 16, produced, financed and distributed over 60 films.Co founder with Monika Bacardi of a number different production companies, he is currently, the youngest and most highly regarded Italian entrepreneurs in the world of film-making.Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi’s AMBI Group is currently on a strong upward roll, producing and putting together many of those films that will be screened in forthcoming movie and television seasons.

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