Giuseppe DE FRANCO
Siracusa, 26/02/1958

Thales Alenia Space Italia S.p.A.
Giuseppe De Franco Aracne editrice

Giuseppe De Franco got the degree in Electronic Engineering, with Telecommunication orientation, at the University of Pisa with the highest marks and now he has 33 years of job experience in the system engineering and, particularly, in the satellite systems and related applications.At the beginning, after few years of jobs performed at the company Telettra s.p.a. (MI) in the Line of Sight Radio Links R&D group as HW designer, Mr. De Franco joined the company I.D.S. s.p.a. in Pisa. In IDS he worked in the field of military telecommunication systems for Italian Navy and collaborated with the department of electronic engineering of the University of Pisa.
In 1990 He joined the company Thales Alenia Space s.p.a. in Rome (former Selenia Spazio, Alenia Spazio and Alcatel Alenia Space), where he now works as Senior NavCom Engineer in the Domain Observation and Navigation unit.
He is currently technical responsible for Galileo-National PRS Centre project and for supporting GSA (Prague) about Galileo-PRS User Segment project. He managed several EU and ESA Projects concerning the employment of RPAS in no-segregated airspace.
He is also responsible, on behalf of its business unit, for the conception of new technical innovative projects to be proposed for the Thales Alenia Space business.
He has been recently head of the Integrated Communications and Engineering Studies Operative Unit where he had the opportunity to devise, and manage as scientific responsible, the MIUR project named GAPACOM, widely devoted to the AeroNavCom satellite & security applications and by which he won with his team the Finmeccanica Innovation Award in 2009.
He usually performed and performs his research activities in cooperation with several universities, such as: Tor Vergata, La Sapienza, Luiss, Roma 3, University of Pisa, Politecnic of Milan, University of Bologna, University of Calabria, etc..
He worked and managed several R&D projects for ESA, ASI, EU and presented/published several papers at workshops/magazines during the past years.
He held also a course on “Advanced Modemodulation Systems” at the School for Special Purposes of the University of L’Aquila.
Several university students and PhD students were tutored by De Franco since the beginning of his carrier.
His currently research interests are in: new satellite systems applied to ATM and RPAS needs; Security Algorithms and Architectures; Space mission based on Small Satellites formation flying.
Since 2017 He has been appointed as Vicepresident of Aerospace Commission at Engineers’ Order of Roma.
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