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Murcia, 15/06/1991
Universidad de Murcia
Rafael Pérez Baquero Aracne editrice

Rafael Pérez Baquero is PhD Candidate in Philosophy at the University of Murcia (Spain), with a FPU scholarship by MECD, currently preparing his doctoral dissertation whose title is De la memoria histórica al deber de la memoria. His PhD supervisors are Antonio Campillo Meseguer – Professor of the Faculty of Philosophy of Murcia – and Jorge Novella Suárez – teacher at the same university. He got his Philosophy Degree (2009-2013) at University of Murcia. At the end of these studies, he was awarded with an Award of Excellence in Academic Performance.
During these studies, he received a fellowship in the Department of Philosophy of University of Murcia. He also got a Master's Degree in Theoretical and Practical Philosophy (2013-2014), UNED. Since he started his doctoral dissertation he has been participating in different national and international congresses with presentations regarding Philosophy of History, Theory of Collective Memory and the Challenges of Historical Representation. He also published some articles in Spanish magazines related to these fields of research.
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