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Michael R. BÜTZ
Glendale, 01/08/1962

Aspen Practice P.C.
Michael R. Bütz Aracne editrice

Michael R. Bütz received his Ph.D. from Wright Institute in Berkeley, California and his master’s degree from San Francisco State University in Clinical psychology. Dr. Bütz is licensed as a psychologist Montana, and he has been licensed previously in Idaho, Maine and Wyoming. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, a Member of the National Register of Health Service Psychologists, and he has a Certificate of Professional Qualification in Psychology from the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards. Dr. Bütz has presented professional papers on numerous occasions, published over thirty peer reviewed articles and book chapters, as well as five books on a wide array of subject matter. He was a leader in the movement that introduced nonlinear dynamics into behavioral health and one of the founding members the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology. He presented at the Society’s first conference, and three out of five of his books, his dissertation, and several dozen articles were written on the subject. Dr. Bütz has also written seminal articles on the failures of the DSM-5, Factitious Disorder by Proxy, developmental disabilities, prescription privileges for psychologists, and legislative matters impacting the United States and his home state of Montana. Currently, he is working on a manuscript about Parental Alienation in association with his forensic work. Dr. Bütz joined St. Vincent Healthcare/SCL Health Montana late in 2015 as a clinical and neuropsychologist after being in private practice for the past eleven years through Aspen Practice, P.C. He had also conducted civil and criminal forensic work there, and still maintains a modest practice a day or two a week in the field. Prior to returning to Billings, Montana, Dr. Bütz had worked for over a dozen years in executive management while maintaining an active practice a day or two a week. He worked for CARF International as an Administrative and Program Accreditation Surveyor for five years, and was one of the first clinical psychologists in the National Health Serve Corps. During these years and before, Dr. Bütz taught as a student teacher or as a professor in three different university systems San Francisco State University, Montana State University, Billings, and University of Maine, Machias. He also began the management portion of his career while serving as the Acting Chair for the Psychology Department at Montana State University, Billings. Dr. Bütz currently serves as the Federal Advocacy Coordinator for the Montana Psychological Association (MPA), and among other positions Dr. Bütz held, he served a two year term as President for the association (2010-2012). During his Presidency MPA won State, Territorial and Provincial Association of the Year from the American Psychological Association ((APA) 2012). Dr. Bütz also served as the association’s Legislative Chair for a decade, and during his tenure with MPA and its Board he has been awarded Federal Advocacy Coordinator of the Year by APA (2017), Outstanding Staff Member of the Year by APA (2013), and the George E. Kelly Memorial Award by MPA (2010).
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