Middlesbrough, 12/05/1949
The University of Western Australia
James Maxlow Aracne editrice

James Maxlow was born in Middlesbrough, England, in May 1949. His passion for geology was inherited from a family history of “ironstone workers” who supplied iron ore extracted from the Eston Ironstone Mine to the foundries and rolling mills of Middlesbrough, during the early 1800s to mid–1900s. He immigrated to Australia with his parents in 1953 where he grew up in Melbourne. He studied Civil Engineering at the then Swinburne College, but soon became disillusioned with engineering and redirected to geology at the then Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, graduating in 1971. During his academic years James met and communicated with many like–minded scientists from all the world. James received his Master of Science in Geology in 1995, followed by a Doctorate of Philosophy in 2001 at the Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia, including a letter of recommendation from the University Chancellor for original thought provoking research into tectonics.
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