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Teheran, 24/08/1983

Sanaz Nourollahichatabi Aracne editrice

Sanaz Nourollahichatabi was born in 1983 in Tehran, Iran. Her interest for the relationship between architecture and the expression of cultural and religious identity through various periods encouraged her to choose architecture as a professional major. After getting an associate’s degree in “Architecture” at the University of Zanjan in Iran in 2005, she has continued her studies in Technical College of Dr.Shariaty in Tehran and has achieved bachelor’s degree in “Architectural Engineering” in 2009. Throughout her undergraduate study and afterward, she has had the opportunity to participate in several collaborations with Consulting Engineers Companies on some projects as an architect and modeling group. In 2015, she gratuated in the master of “Architecture for restoration and enhancement of cultural heritage” in Polytechnic University of Turin. Since the Cultural Heritage and Identities have become priority areas in international academic research, and due to the damages caused by natural disasters and wars, the issue of Cultural heritage conservation particularly affected her and for studying problems concerning conservation and awareness of cultural heritage in a wide framework, she tried to achieve the sufficient knowledge in cultural heritage documentation and preservation with the possible techniques for survey and digital archiving. Based on her gained experiences and major research interest, she also developed her investigations and has published some scientific papers in this field.
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