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Milica Marčeta KANINSKI
University of Belgrade
Milica Marčeta Kaninski Aracne editrice

Milica Marčeta Kaninski is Research Professor and Head of the Department of Physical Chemistry at VINČA Institute of Nuclear Science in Belgrade, Serbia. She received M.Sc. degree in 2005 and Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at University of Belgrade in 2009, with thesis Hydrogen Membrane Fuel Cells: Energy, Isotopic and Electrochemical Aspects. She has managed national and international scientific projects and published more than 30 papers in peer–reviewed journals. She is a member of Serbian Chemical Society and International Society of Electrochemistry ISE. She is also the reviewer in many journals, including Energy and Environmental Sciences, Electrochemistry Communications, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy and Journal of Applied Electrochemistry.
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