Zaragoza, 14/05/1972

Andrés Fernández-Ges Aracne editrice

Prof. Andrés Fernández-Ges is Assistant Professor of Urban Design and Planning at the School of Eng. and Arch., Department of Architecture, University of Zaragoza, since 2010. PhD Candidate in Urban Studies by the Department of Urbanism and Spatial Planning, Polytechnic University of Madrid. Diploma of Advanced Studies (Doctoral Studies), Polytechnic University of Madrid. Master in Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Navarra, Spain.
He works as architect and urban planner in Zaragoza Alta Velocidad, a public company in charge of the regeneration of the railway land of the city of Zaragoza, since 2006. His fields of research are urban regeneration, strategic urban projects, ecodistricts and digital districts.
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