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Delft University of Technology
Department of Industrial Design Engineering
Elisa Giaccardi Aracne editrice

Elisa Giaccardi is full professor of Interactive Media Design at the Department of Industrial Design Engineering, and one of the recipients of the TU Delft Technology Fellowship for top female scientists. Her background brings together humanities, digital media, and interaction design. She obtained her PhD in 2003 from the University of Plymouth, UK (CAiiA-STAR) with a dissertation on metadesign.
Prior to her position at TU Delft, she has been an Associate Professor at UC3M in Madrid, Spain (Digital Living Initiative) and a Senior Research Scientist at CU Boulder in the United States (Center for Lifelong Learning and Design). She is the editor of Heritage and Social Media (Routledge, 2012), in which she uses heritage as a lens to understand how emerging information and communication technology and services are changing the way in which people participate in the assessment and passing on of the “things we value”.
Her work on metadesign has been foundational, among other initiatives worldwide, to the Metadesigners Open Network. This work has provided a framework to weave digital technology in daily life by allowing people to participate in the process of invention of the world (i.e., an approach manifested today in social software, web 2.0, and localized manufacturing). Her current exploration of the connected everyday expands this vision, and breaks new ground in how to meaningfully weave digital networks in everyday life and allow people to bring them in flow with ordinary objects and practices. Her interest in matters of heritage, and broadly ‘the things we value’ find place within this line of inquiry.
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