Hermagor, 31/08/1958
Libera Università di Bolzano
Facoltà di Economia
Oswin Maurer Aracne editrice

Oswin Maurer is an innovative academic with extensive international experience in key roles such as the implementation of internationally-accredited undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes. His areas of interest and expertise include strategic market management, international business, food industry management, internationalisation, and tourism management/economics.
Oswin has authored/co-authored a wide range of publications and has been instrumental in designing and implementing educational projects for senior management and government officials in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. He has also been key in the development of various international and national research programmes on internationalisation, competitiveness and demographic change.
In addition, he is a much sought-after advisor and research consultant and is a key contributor in the building and leadership of an international research network, the Competence Centre in Tourism Management and Tourism Economics (TOMTE). TOMTE organises conferences and seminars every year, including the Consumer Behaviour in Tourism Symposium (CBTS) which takes place annually since 2008 in Brunico.
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