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Francesca Frassoldati Aracne editrice

Francesca Frassoldati works at South China University, School of Architecture, as an Associate Professor. She holds a degree in Architecture, and a Ph.D. in Economics (and Regional Development). research interest spans from the urban regeneration to the spatial organization of productive processes.Until 2007 she has combined teaching and professional consulting activities at the University of Ferrara (Italy), with research projects in spatial planning and socio-economic disciplines. her current role, Francesca Frassoldati teaches in the undergraduate program of the School of Architecture at SCUT. Since march 2009 she is visiting Professor at the State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Building Science-Guangzhou, with the research “Durable settlements and agricultural structures in the alluvial lands of Western Zhujiang Delta”. In September 2009, her research project “Aquaculture, Agriculture and Human Settlements Integration: Transformations and Persistences in the Zhujiang Delta” was awarded with a grant from the Natural Science Foundation of China.
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