University of Cambridge
Department of Architecture

Since 2009 she works at Florence Institute of Design International (Italy), at University of Cambridge – Design Fellow in Architecture: III Year Architecture Studio Master– Studio theme of Housing as City Making: A Mansion Block in Vauxhall. Since 2008 she works at Kingston University – Senior Lecturer in Architecture: Diploma Unit Leader – Unit theme of Urban Complexes: The Arsenale Austriaco in Verona, 2nd Year Coordinator, 3RD Year Architecture Studio Leader - Studio themes include The Behaviour of Buildings: Urban Decorum in Santa Chiara, Pisa, The Urban Palace, The Architecture of Death, Coaching Inns of Borough High Street . Since 2008 she is memberships of the Society of Florentine Studies (Italy) and Esempi di Architettura – Italian architecture magazine - foreign correspondent (UK).Since 2009 she is founding partner of Studio ACKT, www.studioackt.com. Since 2005 until 2008 she has been senior designer with Allies and Morrison Architects
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