Bangor, 22/06/1946
King’s College London
School of Law
Roger Brownsword Aracne editrice

Roger Brownsword has been an academic lawyer for more than 40 years. Currently, he has appointments at King's College London, where he was the founding director of TELOS (a research centre that focuses on technology, ethics, law and society), and at Bournemouth University. He is also an honorary professor at the University of Sheffield, and a visiting professor at Singapore Management University.
He has published more than a dozen books, including (with Deryck Beyleveld) Human Dignity in Bioethics and Biolaw (OUP, 2001) and Consent in the Law (Hart, 2007); Contract Law: Themes for the Twenty-First Century (OUP, 2006), Rights, Regulation and the Technological Revolution (OUP, 2008), Regulating Technologies (Hart, 2008) (co-edited with Karen Yeung), and Law and the Technologies of the Twenty-First Century (co-authored with Morag Goodwin) (CUP, 2012); and he has more than 200 papers in edited collections and law reviews. He is currently co-editing both the Cambridge Handbook on Human Dignity (which is in press) and the Oxford Handbook on Law, Regulation and Technology.
Professor Brownsword has acted as a specialist adviser to parliamentary committees dealing with stems cells and hybrid embryos. From 2004-2010, he was a member of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics; and, currently, he is Chair of the Ethics and Governance Council of UK Biobank.
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