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Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Departamento de Historia de la Filosofía, Estética y Teoría del Conocimiento
José Luis Villacañas Berlanga Aracne editrice

José Luis Villacañas Berlanga (1955) is one of the greater historians of philosophy and political ideas of the current Spanish thinking. He earned his degree in philosophy from the University of Valencia in 1977 and his PhD from the same institution shortly after with a thesis on Kant’s philosophy entitled Empirical realism and transcendental idealism in Kant’s theoretical philosophy. Since then, he worked as Assistant Professor and Associate Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy in which he had formed until 1986, where he handled the chair of History of Philosophy at the University of Murcia. In this institution, he also was Professor of Moral Philosophy from 2033 to 2009.
He became Professor of Philosophy at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he teaches today. Throughout his research career, he has founded and directed prestigious journals as Daimon, Debats, ResPublica or Annals of the Seminary of History of Philosophy; besides having performed the work address of Books, Archives and Libraries of the Generalitat Valenciana and the Library Saavedra Fajardo of Hispanic Political Thought. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of Con-Texts Kantians, the Scientific Committee on the Library Immanuel Kant (Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico) and received Theorem Award for best research on the Critique of Pure Reason.
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