Taisuke KURODA
Tokyo, 07/09/1967
Kanto Gakuin University
Department of Architecture

Architect, Associate Professor of Kanto Gakuin University in Yokohama city. His field of study is the Architectural Planning and especially Renovation Design. After the study on the Italian urban history at the University of Florence with a scholarship of Italian government, he worked under the Italian architect Massimo Carmassi at Pisa and Florence (1995/1998). He achieved a PhD in Architectural design from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2000. Visiting Professor at the University of Rome La Sapienza, University of Lucca, and University of Florence. As an architect, with Naoko Kuroda, once collaborator of M.Carmassi, founding Studio TAI – Total Architectural Intervention – from 2003. They work on various projects of architectural and urban design, publication (Lucca, the paper Amphitheatre, Lucca 2008) and renovation design of ko-Minka (Japanese old wooden house). As a researcher of Italian historical cities, getting the Encouragement Prize from the Architectural Institute of Japan in 2003 for the study on the reutilization of the Roman amphitheatre for the medieval urban tissues, he published LUCCA 1838. Trasformazione e riuso dei ruderi degli anfiteatri romani in Italia (Lucca 2008), received the Helend Prize of Collegium Mediterranistarum in 2010. The recent publication: Firenze: Città, Casa e Restauro (Tokyo 2011), the results of architectural survey onthe historical private houses in Florence.
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