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Shanghai University
Jun Zeng Aracne editrice

Jun Zeng teaches Theory of Literature and Arts at the College of Liberal Arts, Shanghai University. His interests in scholarship include the theory of literature and the arts and cultural theory and criticism. His publications include 西方文对中国经验的阐释及其相关问题 (Issues about the Interpretation of the Chinese Experience in Western Literary Theory”) in «Chinese Literature Criticism» (2016) and 20 世纪西方文论阐释中国问题的三种范式 (Three Paradigms in the Interpretation of Chinese Issues in Western Literary Theory), in «Academic Research» (2016), Maoist Aesthetics in Western Left–Wing Thought («Comparative Literature and Culture (CLCWeb)», September 2018); The Tension Within the ‘Specter’ of Bakhtin and Narrative Theory («Neohelicon», September 2018), Resistance to Neocolonialism in Contemporary Chinese Literary Theory («Comparative Literature and Culture» (CLCWeb), December 2018).
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