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Elisa Garuglieri Aracne editrice

Elisa Garuglieri is a life science independent consultant and a postdoc fellow at Red Sea Science and Engineering Research Center (KAUST – Saudi Arabia). Her work as researcher is focused on metagenomics and metaranscriptomics of bacterial communities; she dedicated her PhD thesis to the Cariplo Project “Nanogut” aimed to develop a semibatch in vitro model of human gut microenvironment in order to test the effects of food packaging–related silver nanoparticles on gut microbiota. Her skills in research include cultural heritage applications of genetics techniques as ancient DNA analysis and population genetics developed at the University of Florence. Research work products were published in international peer reviewed journals (Biointerfaces, 2016; Frontiers in Microbiology, 2018–2019; Environmental pollution, 2018) and introduced in international and national conferences. As a life science consultant she collaborated in several contemporary art projects; among them she was a part of the “Imitatio Christi” project of Roberto Cuoghi at the 2017 Venice Art Biennale.
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