Wesley IMMS
University of Melbourne
Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Wesley Imms Aracne editrice

Wesley Imms is an associate professor at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, head of Visual Art Education school and senior research coordinator for curriculum and teaching. He is the research director of the ILETC Innovative Learning environments and teacher change project (2016–2019). He previously led the ILETC project to evaluate 21st century learning environments (2013–2017). He is an experienced internationally known pedagogist and a lecturer in the teaching courses that cover the curriculum of visual arts and method of study. He also teaches master’s degrees for innovative learning environments. He has published more than 70 peer–reviewed articles, chapters, articles and books, and has conducted numerous reports and invitational conferences in Australia and abroad. His most recent publications include: The Classroom has Broken: Changing School Architecture in Europe and Across the World (INDIRE, 2018); The proof is in the pudding! What user–research is telling us about value–for–money school buildings (2018); Does the space make the difference? An empirical retrospective of the impact of the physical learning environment on teaching and learning evaluated by the New Generation Learning Spaces project (Brisbane, 2016); Evaluating Learning Environments, Snapshots of Emerging Issues, Methods and Knowledge (Rotterdam, 2016); The Transaltional Design of Schools: An Evidence–Based Approach to Aligning Pedagogy and Learning Environments (Rotterdam, 2016).
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