Jifang DUAN
South China Normal University
Jifang Duan Aracne editrice

Duan Jifang, Ph.D. of Literature, Postdoctoral Fellow, Dean of the Research Center for Aesthetic Culture and Criticism Theory of South China Normal University, Professor of the University’s School of Chinese Language and Literature, Doctoral Supervisor, leader of the discipline of Theory of Literature and Art, Chief Expert of a major research project of the National Social Science Fund, mainly focus on the study of theory of literature and art, aesthetics, Chinese and Western Marxist aesthetics and literary studies, contemporary aesthetics and literary criticism research. Representative research results including monographs: Ideology and Aesthetic Discourse: Terry Eagleton’s Theory on Literary Criticism (Beijing: People’s Publishing House, 2010 and 2017); Aesthetic Culture Perspective and Criticism Reconstruction: Transformation of Contemporary Chinese Aesthetics Discourse (Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 2016); papers “Aesthetics and Politics: The Political Turn of Contemporary Western Aesthetics and Its Theoretical Paths”, published in Foreign Literature Studies, 6 (2017); “The Production Turn of Contemporary Western Marxist Aesthetics and Its Theoretical Significance”, Literary Review, issue 5, 2017.
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