Celso BAIA
Lisbona, 09/03/1978

Celso Baia Aracne editrice

Celso Baía got in 2004 a degree (pre–Bologna process) in “Applied Mathematics: Statistics and Operational Research” by the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences. Later in 2013, he completed his Bachelor (under the Bologna process) in “Safety Management and Civil Protection” in the European University and in 2019 finished the 2nd level Master Degree in “Protection Against CBRNe Events” at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Celso Baía has more than 14 years of experience as a professional firefighter on the major and oldest Portuguese fire brigade “Regimento de Sapadores Bombeiros de Lisboa”. Currently, he performs the hierarchical functions of SubChefe de 2ª Classe as a member of the Hazmat Specialized Response Team and also as Hazmat instructor and technical advisor for this area.
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