Diogo Alexandre DA SILVA MARQUES
Torres Vedras, 27/11/1982
Universidade Fernando Pessoa
Diogo Alexandre da Silva Marques Aracne editrice

Diogo Marques is a research fellow at the Universidade Fernando Pessoa (Porto, Portugal). He holds a Ph.D. in the Materialities of literature (School of Arts and Humanities, University of Coimbra), a degree in Modern languages and literatures - Portuguese and English Studies (New University of Lisbon), and a postgraduate degree in Contemporary literary creations (University of Évora). His current lines of research focus on the field of creative research, as well as in the convergence of haptic media studies and digital experimental literature. He is an author of experimental literature, curator of several new media arts exhibitions and co-founding member of transdisciplinary artist collective “wr3ad1ng d1g1t5” (http://www.wreading-digits.com). He is also a member of Artech-Int – International Association of Computational Art; ELO – Electronic Literature Organization and CLP – Centro de Literatura Portuguesa.
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