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Lene Jensby Lange Aracne editrice

Lene Jensby Lange has a background from CBS — Copenhagen Business School (SPRØK) — specialising in organisational development, strategy, leadership and communication and continued her professional development within the fields of learning & pedagogy, neurology & learning, innovation, process facilitation and user engagement. She is the founder and CEO of the Autens Consulting House and an educational entrepreneur, education innovation consultant and learning space designer. Lene was part of the renowned SKUB–project in Gentofte where the city’s eleven schools were rebuilt and transformed and the new Hellerup School was developed. She heading Global Schools’ Alliance, a network of some of the world’s most inspiring schools. She is Board member of HundrED Academy. She create Learning Space Design Lab which has been selected for HundrED Global Innovations. It’s professional development combined with reimagining learning space design. She creating schools for the 21st century through interactions with students, teachers, educators, management, municipalities and external partners.
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