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Alessandro DODARO

Agenzia nazionale per le nuove tecnologie, l’energia e lo sviluppo economico ENEA
Alessandro Dodaro Aracne editrice

Alessandro Dodaro is an Italian nuclear engineer who works in the nuclear field since his Master degree on 1993. He works at ENEA since 1999 in the field of radioactive waste management with particular focus on waste treatment and radiological characterization. Since July 2015, he is Head of the ENEA Division “Technologies, Facilities and Materials for Nuclear Fission” in the frame of the “Nuclear Fusion and Safety Technologies” Department; as head of division he operates the two main Italian nuclear research reactors (TRIGA and TAPIRO); he is responsible of the ENEA Integrate national service of Low and Intermediate level radioactive waste and orphan radiation sources collection, treatment, conditioning and disposal; he operates the nuclear laboratory of characterization of nuclear materials and radiochemistry. Since 2013, he is also Chairman of the Board of Nucleco S.p.A. (private company, controlled by SOGIN and participated by ENEA, for Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste management).
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