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Massimo Morichi Aracne editrice

Upon finishing his technical studies at Enrico Fermi Institute of Rome in Nuclear Energy, Massimo Morichi specialized in Reactor Core Physics simulation & modelling participating to ENEA–PEC nuclear reactor studies on reactivity transient analysis. Doctor in Nuclear Physics at La Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) and Certified Radiation Protection Expert, he start his activity with the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) and the Ministry of Interior for the Chernobyl Emergency, and was teacher for the Ministry of Interior on Gamma–Spectrometry and Nuclear Emergency Measurements. He worked in Oak–Ridge (US) as spectroscopy specialist, lived in Connecticut (US) for many years while he was CTO–VP R&D of CANBERRA Industries Inc. Till 2012 launching and coordinating the development of many innovative nuclear measurement products/systems and collaborations with IAEA, DOE National Laboratories: Los Alamos, Sandia, DNDO, CEA. Group Leader of the AREVA Fukushima Project for the site remediation plan in Japan. In 2012 joint the AREVA–Group in Paris as SVP–Director of R&D Innovation where he contributes to establish the Nuclear Light Water Reactor Institute (EDF–CEA–AREVA) developing Technology Roadmaps and many new projects. He was visiting member of the Scientific Committee of IRSN (Institute for Nuclear Radiation Safety) and has been board member of the Nuclear Experimental Reactor J. Horowitz (CEA Cadarache). He’s panellist, chairman and invited speaker at IAEA Safeguard Conference, STS-Kyoto Forum on “Nuclear Technology Trends and Future Prospective”, ANIMMA Conference, IEEE–NSS. He supervised and tutor many Master and PhDs Thesis of international universities and has more than 40 international scientific publications.
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