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Carlos Rojas Palmas Aracne editrice

Carlos Rojas Palma holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. In the past he has been actively involved in the field of nuclear emergency preparedness and response under the Environment, Health and Safety Institute of SCK–CEN. He coordinated several R&D projects and thematic clusters for the Euratom FPs (SAMEN, MOSES, DAONEM and DETECT), in offsite nuclear emergency management and rehabilitation of contaminated environments, and optimisation of radiological monitoring networks. He also coordinated the project resulting in the handbook for triage, monitoring and treatment of members of the public exposed to ionising radiation after a malevolent act (TMT Handbook). He has been a member of the expert group chair of the Assistance Work Group in charge of the implementation of the new IAEA action plan on notification and assistance in case of a nuclear incident or radiological emergency. He is currently advisor to the Belgian Superior Health Council; to the Counter Terrorism Unit of the European Commission DG Migration and Home Affairs and to the European Commission Research Executive Agency on security related matters.
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